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Organizing your project

We recommend organizing your Datacoves project repository as described below so that different components are simple to find and maintain. View our sample analytics project for an example of all the required and recommended folders.

Required Folders

The following folders are required for Datacoves Setup. Be sure to add them to your repository.


The automate/ folder contains scripts that are used by automated jobs.


The automate/dbt/ folder has dbt specific scripts and the profiles.yml file used by automated jobs e.g. for Github Actions or Airflow.


The orchestrate/ folder contains Airflow related files.


The orchestrate/dags folder will contain the python dags that airflow will read

Recommended Folders

The following folders are optional. Some are recommended and others are only necessary for specific use cases.


Below DATACOVES__DBT_HOME refers to the location of your dbt project (where you dbt_project.yml file is located). See Datacoves Environment Variables for more information.


This folder is only needed if you are using the dbt-coves library . This show be at the same level as your dbt project. ie) The root or in the transform folder.


This folder is only needed if you are using the dbt-coves library . dbt-coves will read the settings in this file to complete commands. Visit the dbt-coves docs for the full dbt-coves settings.


This folder is only needed if you are using the dbt-coves library and you want to override the dbt-coves sql and yml generators


If you're working on a Github repository and using Github Actions for CI/CD, the .github folder holds the Github Action Workflows


The load/ folder can contain extract and load configurations as well as other scripts or frameworks you may be using to extract and laod data.


The secure/ folder contains warehouse security role definitions. The folder is only needed if you are using Snowflake and Permifrost.


While you can keep your dbt project in your project's root folder, we recommend moving it into a transform/ sub-folder.


The orchestrate/dag_yml_definitions is an optional folder that will contain yml dag definition files that dbt-coves will compile. This folder is only needed if you are using the dbt-coves extension to compile yml dags to python.


The python_scripts folder will contain custom python scripts that you can call from an Airflow DAG. This is needed only if using custom Python scripts in your Airflow DAGs.


The visualization folder is used to place configs related to superset or other visualization tools.


The visualization/streamlit folder is used for Streamlit apps. This folder is only needed if using Streamlit.


The .vscode/settings.json folder is used for customized settings in order to override the default workspace settings. This file can contain secrets so be sure to add it to the .gitignore to avoid version control. See our How to Override default VS Code settings for more info