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How to set up a custom environment for your Airflow workers

If you need to run tasks on Airflow on a custom environment that comes with pre-installed libraries and tools, we recommend building your own custom docker image, upload it to a docker image repository such as dockerhub and reference it in your DAG's task operator.

Using the custom image in your DAGs

Every task in an Airflow DAG can use a different docker image. Operators accept an executor_config argument that can be used to customize the executor context.

Given that Datacoves runs Airflow on a kubernetes execution context, you need to pass a dict with a pod_override key that will override the worker pod's configuration, as seen in the TRANSFORM_CONFIG dict in the example below. The variable name for the Config dict will depend on what DAG task you are requesting more resources for.

eg) When writing your yaml, if you add the config under marketing_automation the CONFIG variable will be dynamically named MARKETING_AUTOMATION_CONFIG . In the yml examples below, we added the config in a transform task so the CONFIG variable is named TRANSFORM_CONFIG .

Python version

import datetime

from airflow.decorators import dag
from kubernetes.client import models as k8s
from operators.datacoves.bash import DatacovesBashOperator

    "pod_override": k8s.V1Pod(
                    # Replace with your image repo and tag
                    image="<IMAGE REPO>:<IMAGE TAG>",
                    bash_command="echo SUCCESS!",

        "start_date": datetime.datetime(2023, 1, 1, 0, 0),
        "owner": "Noel Gomez",
        "email": "gomezn@example.com",
        "email_on_failure": True,
    description="Sample DAG with custom image",
    schedule_interval="0 0 1 */12 *",
        "schedule_interval": "0 0 1 */12 *",
        "tags": ["version_4"],
        "catchup": False,
        "default_args": {
            "start_date": datetime.datetime(2023, 1, 1, 0, 0),
            "owner": "airflow",
            "email": "some_user@exanple.com",
            "email_on_failure": True,
def custommize_worker_dag():
    transform = DatacovesBashOperator(
        task_id="transform", executor_config=TRANSFORM_CONFIG

dag = customize_worker_dag()

YAML version

In the yml dag you can configure the image.


  # DAG Tasks
    operator: operators.datacoves.bash.DatacovesBashOperator
    type: task
      # Replace with your custom docker image <IMAGE REPO>:<IMAGE TAG>
      image: <IMAGE REPO>:<IMAGE TAG>

      bash_command: "echo SUCCESS!"