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Getting Started with dbt in Datacoves

This guide covers various aspects of using Datacoves for creating, editing, running, and testing models and sources.

Creating and Editing Models and Sources

  • Manually creating dbt Sources and Model: Learn how to create models and sources within Datacoves.

  • Usage of dbt-coves generate sources : Explore how to use the dbt-coves tool to generate sources efficiently.

  • Handling variant columns and auto-generated SQL and YAML files: Understand how to deal with variant columns and work with auto-generated SQL and YAML files.

Running a Model

  • Running man icon: Learn how to run a model using the man icon.

  • Right-click menu option: Discover the options available in the right-click menu for running models.

  • Run current button: Understand how to use the "Run current" button to execute models.

Opening a Model and Auto Complete

  • Quick model access using Cmd/Ctrl + P: Learn how to quickly access models using the keyboard shortcut.

  • Auto-complete feature for efficient coding: Discover the auto-complete feature to streamline your development process.

  • Cmd/Ctrl + Enter shortcut for CTE previews: Utilize the Cmd/Ctrl + Enter shortcut to preview Common Table Expressions (CTEs).

  • SQL linting for error checking and best practices adherence: Learn about SQL linting for error checking and adherence to best practices.

Compiled SQL vs Run SQL

  • Viewing the compiled model for debugging: Explore how to use the compiled dbt preview to debug dbt issues or to get SQL you can run in your Data Warehouse.

  • Accessing compiled SQL: Learn how to access compiled SQL code.

Testing Models

  • Testing icon: Understand how to initiate testing for your models.

  • More - Shows various options: Explore additional testing options.

  • Datacoves Power User - Run Individual tests or all tests: For power users, run individual tests or all tests for comprehensive testing.

Closing Tabs

  • Closing models with Ctrl + Option/Alt + W: Learn how to close tabs quickly.