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Sync Airflow database

It is now possible to synchronize a Datacoves Airflow database to your Data Warehouse


This is only available for Snowflake and Redshift connections.

Data Sync Operators

To synchronize the Airflow database, we can use an Airflow DAG with one of the Airflow operators below.

Datacoves has the following Airflow Data Sync Operators: DatacovesDataSyncOperatorSnowflake and DatacovesDataSyncOperatorRedshift .

Both of them receive the same arguments, so we won't differentiate examples. Select the appropriate provider for your Data Warehouse.


To avoid synchronizing unnecessary Airflow tables, the following Airflow tables are synced by default: ab_permission , ab_role , ab_user , dag , dag_run , dag_tag , import_error , job , task_fail , task_instance

These operators can receive:

  • tables : a list of tables to override the default ones. Warning: An empty list [] will perform a full-database sync.
  • additional_tables : a list of additional tables you would want to add to the default set.
  • destination_schema : the destination schema where the Airflow tables will end-up. By default, the schema will be named as follows: airflow-{datacoves environment slug} for example airflow-qwe123
  • service_connection_name : the name of your Airflow Service Connection in Datacoves that will be used by the operator. By default it looks for a connection named load_airflow .


Example DAG

from airflow.decorators import dag
from operators.datacoves.data_sync import DatacovesDataSyncOperatorSnowflake

    default_args={"start_date": "2021-01"},
    schedule_interval="0 0 1 */12 *",
def snowflake_airflow_sync():
    airflow_sync = DatacovesDataSyncOperatorSnowflake(
        additional_tables=["log", "log_template"],

dag = snowflake_airflow_sync()


The example DAG above uses the service connection raw

Service Connection Raw