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How to Create/Edit a Group

Navigate to the groups page in the admin menu

Group Menu

Each group consist of three main components:

  • Name
  • Description (to help identify what each group permits and restricts)
  • A list of Permissions , which consist of single read and write authorizations, to help granulate the user experience as much as possible.

Apart from these main fields, you can optionally map the group to a comma-separated list of Active Directory groups , as well as Filter the available permissions to enable/disable them with ease.

Groups Listing

In terms of specific application permissions, i.e. Airflow and Superset, you can use both general and specific scopes:

  • To work permissions at global level (the entire application), you can give read or write permissions to it's entire scope:

    Superset General Permissions

    • Giving an application scope write access, gives the group the entire set of the application's permissions, and with it also to it's resources.
    • Giving an application scope read access, sets the group as viewer (read-only)
  • To give permissions to certain resources of an application, you can toggle write access on only those of interest, leaving the general scope (for example, Workbench>Airflow ) unmarked.

    Superset General Permissions

    Some of the specific component permissions include:

    • Airflow > Admin : access to Airflow's Admin menu (connections, variables, etc)
    • Airflow > Security : access to Airflow's Security menu (users and roles administration)
    • Airflow > Dags : running DAGs and jobs
    • Superset > Data-Sources : Superset data sources administration
    • Superset > Security : access to Superset's Security menu (users, roles, permissions, etc.)