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How to send email notifications on DAG's failure

Getting notifications when there is a failure is critical for data teams and Airflow allows multiple ways to keep the users informed about the status of a DAG. You can learn more about them here and here .

We're going to explain how you can send an email notification on DAG's failure. By the end of this page you will have: - Created an smtp Integration for Airflow - Added the integration to your environment - Created a DAG that makes use of the notification integration

By completing these steps you will be able to receive notifications upon DAG failure.

Let's get started!

Create a new Integration

First, create a new integration of type SMTP by navigating to the Integrations Admin.

Integrations Admin

Click on the + New integration button.

Fill out the following fields

  • Name: Provide a descriptive name such as Mail Service

  • Type: Select SMTP

  • Host: Enter the smtp server for your domain.

  • Port: TLS encryption on port 587. If you’d like to implement SSL encryption, use port 465.

  • From Address: This is the address that you have configured for smtp

  • User: Same address as the From Address

  • Password: Password that you have configured for smtp

Save Integration

Click Save Changes

Add integration to an Environment

Once you created the SMTP integration, it's time to add it to the Airflow service in an environment.

First, go to the Environments admin.

Environments admin

Select the Edit icon for the environment that has the Airflow service you want to configure, and then click on the Integrations tab.

Edit integrations

Click on the + Add new integration button, and then, select the integration you created previously. In the second dropdown select Airflow as service.

Add integration

Click Save Changes .

The Airflow service will be restarted shortly and will now include the SMTP configuration required to send emails.


You can skip this next step if going through the getting started guides since we will be completing the next step of the getting started guide: Start developing DAGs .

Implement in a DAG

If you have already created a DAG it's time to modify your DAG to make use of our newly set up SMTP integration on Airflow.

Simply provide a default_args dict like so:


You can add as many email recipients needed by passing a list into the email field. eg) email: ["gomezn@example.com", "mayra@example.com", "walter@example.com"]

Python version

import datetime

from airflow.decorators import dag
from operators.datacoves.dbt import DatacovesDbtOperator

        "start_date": datetime.datetime(2023, 1, 1, 0, 0),
        "owner": "Noel Gomez",
        "email": "gomezn@example.com",
        "email_on_failure": True,
    description="Sample DAG for dbt build",
    schedule_interval="0 0 1 */12 *",
def dbt_run():
    build_dbt = DatacovesDbtOperator(
        bash_command="dbt run -s personal_loans",

dag = dbt_run()

YAML version

description: "Sample DAG for dbt run"
schedule_interval: "0 0 1 */12 *"
  - version_1
  start_date: 2023-01-01
  owner: Noel Gomez
  # Replace with the email of the recipient for failures
  email: gomezn@example.com
  email_on_failure: true
  catchup: false

    type: task
    operator: operators.datacoves.dbt.DatacovesDbtOperator
    bash_command: "dbt run -s personal_loans" # Replace the name of the model

Getting Started Next Steps

Start developing DAGs