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How to Create/Edit a Project

Navigate to the Projects page

Projects Page

Projects Create or Edit Page

A Project configuration consists of the following fields:

  • Name This is what will be displayed in the Datacoves landing page.
  • Git Repo This is the git repository associated with this project
    • Clone strategy determines how Datacoves will communicate with your git repository(SSH or HTTPS). Each clone strategy is configured as follows:
      • SSH When SSH is selected, an SSH public Key will be automatically generated for you to configure in your git provider as a deployment key. Repo SSH Key
      • HTTPS When HTTPS is selected, the following fields must be filled in Git HTTPS url , Username and Password Repo User Password Prompt
    • Release branch defines the default branch in your repository. This is typically main or master
  • CI/CD Provider when provided, this will display a link to your CI/CD jobs on the Observe tab of a Datacoves environment. Once you choose your provider, you will be able to specify your CI jobs home url